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Marco Breda and his brothers set off on a journey from San Pietro de Viminario to the United States.  Along the way he got married and started a family in France.


Today his daughter Veronique and grandson Philippe brings their love for Italian foods and pizza made from the freshest and finest ingredients to Breda's Pizza and Grill.

Our Chef's made to order dishes include Salads, Pastas, Gourmet Pizza pies, Chicken, Veal and Seafood dishes, all fresh, all house-made.

Classical Italian dishes, seasonal local ingredients prepared fresh, served with love and accompanied by passion! This family business deserves all its success because of the delicious, memorable food prepared by nice people.

Menu order food Breda's Family owned restaurant


" Let our family welcome yours! - Breda Family"

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With factory produced dough and conveyor belt ovens, not all pizzas are created equal. The true art of making an artisinal pizza pie is an Italian tradition mastered with years of experience in the hands of the pizza maker.


It is our mission to pour our love of the pizza pie into every pie Philippe designs. From the basic traditional ingredients to ethnic blends to custom made requests.

  59 North Beverwyck Road Lake Hiawatha

Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

United States 

(973) 331-9911